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A Double Billy Of All Female Sketch Comedy: Waiting!

Tune in Wednesday, December 27th and Thursday 28th at 1.30pm.

RTE Radio 1 listeners are in for a treat over the Xmas holidays with a double bill of one of the most exciting radio comedies in years.

Let’s start with a question. What do women do more than men? What brings women into contact with complete strangers and even more random conversations? They wait. What a great idea for a show! So this new comedy series is all about the act and art of waiting!

And by total coincidence, the show is called WAITING.

From the pen of Ireland’s No.1 female comedy writer Fiona Looney WAITING is a collection of sketches, ads and mini plays. Some feature conversations overheard while Fiona was waiting – and some totally made-up mad stuff as well. Fiona has always been impressed by women’s ability to talk to strangers and to discuss anything but the subject at hand. It’s when they find themselves in waiting situations that their extraordinary – and occasionally bizarre – talents really come to the fore. So Sideline Productions with the support of the BAI and RTE
Radio 1 brought together some of the finest comedy actors in Ireland to stage some of those journeys that go absolutely nowhere. And this being produced for radio they also threw in a few possibly not-quite- genuine ads in there as they well. Recorded in the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, the show was originally broadcast on RTE Radio as part of Sideline’s COMEDY SHOWHOUSE – a new season of shows by Irish comedy writers.

Such was the performance of the brilliant cast, Caitriona Ennis, Rose Henderson and Deirdre O’Kane left the stage in triumph. The good news is that the BAI has agreed to fund another 6 episodes and they will be staged and recorded live at The Project Arts Centre in late April 2018 for RTE Radio 1.

The comedy comes from the larger-than- life delivery and absurdity of how the writers and performers deal with the topics and subject matter. And as the shows and scripts were produced for radio, the set consists of three distinct areas that offer scope for a variety of ‘locations’ – 3 chairs in a row; 3 stand up mics and 3 mics at 3 sides of a table facing the audience. The women swap places between sketches to offer fluidity and movement to the visual performance.

NO REPRO FEE Comedy Showhouse is back live at the Project Arts Centre for a 6 night run from Monday May 31st to Saturday June 3rd. Produced by Sideline Productions and funded by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland, all the shows are recorded in front of a live audience in Dublin’s Temple Bar and broadcast during the summer on RTE Radio 1. Picture: Kinlan Photography.



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