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The Bat Out Of Hell

If you’ve ever had a bird fly into your house you’ll know everyone gets a bit excited.

Well Tadhg Fleming had a bat fly into his house and he recorded the whole thing. It looks like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Speaking to Lovin.ie Tadhg said, “Panic ensued when the bat entered the kitchen from the backdoor. My father with my football shorts and long woolly socks tried to first catch the bat with a tea towel.

“He then opted for a larger towel which my mother (Maureen) had just ironed.”

Watch the incident unfold below:

Tadhg said his mother was “hid behind the doors to let my father take on the bat.”

“We just got a new pup and in the midst of the madness, decided to pee all over the floor.”




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