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VINES – Ben Philips Welsh Superstar!

Ben Philips is 23 years old from Bridgend in Wales with a huge online fanbase –  over 1.2m subscribers on YouTube, 8.2 million Facebook likes and over 350 million views of his vines. And he appears live in Dublin next month!

Ben’s videos involve pulling simple often hilarious pranks on people in his capital city of Cardiff. His unfortunate brother Elliot is the victim of most of his pranks. Now here’s the interesting part ….

He gets paid over €2,300 a second (that’s just €14,000) to film a 6 second sponsored vine.

“It was never my intention [to be paid] for making Vines for other people. Someone sent me a message saying one of their loved ones was dying and they were all round their bed watching the Vines.

I’ve made something huge on a phone screen. I’m inside everyone’s pockets. Does it get any better than that?”

The prankster adverts for some of the biggest companies in the world including Ford, Nokia and Comedy Central. Ben has been signed up by a New York-based social media agency and has a team of 12 people working on marketing. Consider that next time some one tells you to ‘get off social media and do something with your life!”

The good news is that Ben’s coming to Dublin on September 3rd and you even have a chance to meet him. See below for details.

Here are a few of his most popular videos on Youtube … & we feel his brother should also profit from all the abuse

The flour prank

This is when getting out of the wrong side of the bed is a very bad way to start the day.

For more details on the Sept 3rd event check out out our gig guide.





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