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VIDE-O: Jackass’s Steve-O World Tour

Steve-O is coming to Vicar Street November 24th. Real name, Stephen Gilchrist Glover,  Steve-O is a comedian and stunt performer best known from starring in MTV’s Jackass.

We recently posted a ‘where are they now’ feature on the Jackass crew who were at one point one of the most popular shows ever on MTV – and later RTE Two and around the globe. Read more about the iconic show and the secrets behind the cast here.


Steve-O attended the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997 and began his career as a clown in a circus where he filmed himself performing stunts. He sent these stunt videos to future Jackass director Jeff Tremaine and that’s where it all kicked off. Since then he has starred in the Jackass films, reality shows, ads and in 2013 he set up his own YouTube channel.

Here is one video that has gotten over 22 million views.

The show had to be censored in some way by MTV and most of the stunts that didn’t get aired were of course, Steve-O’s. These were later put together and released in a DVD called ‘Don’t Try This At Home: The Steve-O Video‘.

Here are some things about Steve-O you may not know.

1 – The most injured he’s ever been was at a college party. He suffered from a fractured cheekbone, 10 stitches in his chin, a broken wrist, a concussion and he broke seven teeth.

2- His show WildBoyz ended after Steve Irwins death stating that if Steve Irwin, a professional, could die in an animal accident then he couldn’t stand a chance.

giphy (3)

3 – In 2012 he hosted a reality TV show called Killer Karaoke.

4 – He lived in London until high school.

5 – He’s banned from Louisiana after he stapled his scrotum to his leg.

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Here is some of his best bits. Warning: Some very violent and gruesome scenes ahead.


For more info on his tour see our gig guide.



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