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The Lords of Strut Perform At Kid’s Fringe Festival

Ireland’s first ever Kid’s Fringe Festival will be part of the Dublin Fringe Festival.

The Britain’s Got Talent semi finalists have blown up in Ireland over the last year, recently performing in Riot.

The Dublin Fringe Festival will run from September 9 – 24. The eighties styling dancing duo will be joined by Cadhla McAnally. Cadhla is a 7-year-old Irish acting dynasty. the granddaughter of Aonghus McAnally and BAFTA winner Ray McAnally and Ronnie Masterson.

Cork Duo Dance to the Semi Finals Of Britian’s Got Talent


And she enlisted her dad, actor Aonghus Óg to help her write her ‘epic adventure podcast’ called Cobra’s Quest.

“It’s like Star Wars, meets Harry Potter,” Aonghus said. “We wrote it together and we wanted to have a girl as the lead in it. That was really important”

The podcast will run throughout the Fringe festival.


Artistic Director Kris Nelson says:

“It’s going to be bigger than ever before,”

“We have ten more venues. We have Foil, Arms and Hog on the Peacock stage with their show Oink, a tent city will be built across the road from the Olympia, and an aerial act will be staged in a disused warehouse.”


For more information see http://www.fringefest.com/



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