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Ireland – A Survivor’s Guide

A comic guide to Irish culture and its people returns to the International Bar, Dublin this summer.

WHO’S IT FOR? Everyone!!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re American, Italian or Chinese or if you’re on a coach tour, a shoestring, a stag or hen. Even if you’ve a few youngsters who moaned all the way around the National Museum,  bring them along too.

This lunchtime show – also aimed at city centre workers – is mostly a physical, absurd and slapstick style comedy so expect the funniest rollercoaster guide through Irish culture and customs in town.


The sketches are fast, physical and sometimes weird. There’s audience interaction, music and some  crazy props. The show is constantly changing and evolving. Favourites sketches include:

  • Irish sport of Hurling explained
  • History of Ireland in 7 minutes
  • How to chat up an Irish girl
  • Understanding Irish  directions

The sketch show will run upstairs in The International Bar (400 metres from Grafton Street) from 1pm 5 days a week – Tuesday to Saturday – during the Summer and kids are most welcome.





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