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Father Ted Becomes The Pope In New Musical

One of the best Irish comedies of all time, Fr Ted is returning as a musical. 

This is no lie, it has come from the Co-creator Graham Linehan himself! Linehan has confirmed that ‘Pope Ted: The Father Ted Musical’ is almost finished.

He has been working on the project with fellow writer Arthur Matthews and Neil Hannon who wrote My Lovely Horse. We wonder if this is the type of songs we can expect from the musical?

Linehan tweeted: “‘Pope Ted—The Father Ted Musical’ written by Arthur Mathews and myself, music by Neil Hannon, is almost written. I just thought you’d like to know. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”.

He added: “It’s the real final episode of Father Ted.”

The comedy ran for three series on Channel 4 between 1995 and 1998.

In the musical, Ted will move from the island to take up the role of Pope in the Vatican.

“I didn’t want to do anything like this until the right idea came along, and when Trump won and Corbyn won I kind of thought, ‘maybe Ted has a chance’,” Linehan told the BBC.

“I thought it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Obviously, we’re pulling some shenanigans to get him into that position, but I think the shenanigans are entertaining enough that people won’t mind.”


Of the reunition with writing partner Mathews, he added: “You can pull the most ridiculous stunts to get around a plot problem… and it’s lovely to be working with Arthur again.”




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