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Are We Ready For “Famine! The Musical.”?

“Two lovers, one dream, no potatoes”

Comedy group Dead Cat Bounce have been touring an 8-minute sketch since 2008 called “Famine! The Musical.”.

Dead Cat Bounce they describe themselves as part rock band, part international comedy sensation, part four guys who have spent an uncomfortable amount of time together. We made our TV debut in January of 2009, with our pilot airing as part of RTÉ’s Project Ha Ha. We appeared regularly on TV shows and Galas on RTÉ, Channel 4, BBC and on channels in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The video for our song “Rugby” went on to become one of the most watched internet videos in Ireland for 2011, clocking over a million views on YouTube.


The comedy troupe have now been approached to create a full-length show around an 8-minute sketch. The question is: Are we ready for a comedy about the famine? 

Before they get attacked by the critics they decided to upload the 8-minute sketch to give people a taste of whats to come.








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