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Comedy At The Dublin Fringe Festival

Dublin Fringe Festival

9—24 September 2017


Dreamgun’s Film Reads: Jurassic Park 

Alternative comedy from the minds behind Mimes in Time, Chaos Theory and Gym Gravy. A cast of comics and actors come together to read and perform Jurassic Park adapted into a weirdo radio play. No rehearsal, no prep and the script will be burned after. Bring popcorn. To celebrate one year of this popular series, DREAMGUN FILM READS comes to Fringe for a one night only special edition performance. Podcast recording.

“The funniest show at EdFringe 2015.” The Sun

“A true highlight of the 2016 Dublin Fringe.” Meg.ie

Double Decker Bus: Davey Reilly

A stand-up show dealing with the absurdity of existence. Having sold out shows in London, New York, and Edinburgh, Davey Reilly returns to Dublin with an hour of comedy about escapism, being dead and Volvo B5TLs. Davey has been described as “the future of Irish comedy” by Rich Hall and a “liberal cuck” by hundreds of online commenters. Star of Best Irish YouTube Channel, Facts., he has appeared on RTÉ, BBC and MTV.

“One of Ireland’s brightest up and comers.” Entertainment.ie

“It’s amazing to watch a one-man comedy gig achieve what often takes a whole cast, elaborate set and theatrical conceit.” Meg.ie


Science Idiot: Ruth Hunter

The all-organic entity Ruth Hunter wildly misinterprets science. An alternative stand-up show that makes parallels between science and everyday life that are entirely incorrect. First runner up in Edinburgh’s So You Think You’re Funny 2016, Science Idiot is about time, decay and being broke. And sex, fungal cream, Ireland, boys, fresh eggs, language, gastroenteritis, girls, healthcare, the economy and itchiness. And why maths is hard.

“Big things predicted for this one.” The Skinny

The Egg is a Lonely Hunter: Hannah Mamalis

Sophie works in a shop. She suffers from an irrational fear of eggs. Her nipples are behaving strangely and a black hole has appeared in her neighbourhood that could be / probably is a pervert. While precocious eight year olds and prophetic animals lurk around every corner, her dreams and reality begin to blur beyond comprehension or control. And worst of all, one of her favourite socks is missing. A dark, comedic odyssey by emerging absurdist writer / comedian Hannah Mamalis about beached whales, black holes and the redeeming power of eggs.


All their lives they wanted to be famous. To get there they need to make the perfect dance routine and they need your help. In this dance fantasy adventure brothers Sean and Seamus rock out some banging moves, run into trouble, have a few tantrums, cause a teensy bit of mayhem and find out if fame is really what they’re looking for after all. Street Performance World Champions, unlikely heroes of Fringe smash hit RIOT and Britain’s Got Talent favourites, LORDS OF STRUT deliver their most ridiculous and sublime family show to date. Riproaringly funny, fantastically bizarre and Absolute Legends!

Cork Duo Dance to the Semi Finals Of Britian’s Got Talent


The Assassination of Pope Urban II: James Moran

An experimental comedy show about the nightmarish life and brutal death of Pope Urban II. Born a runt, Urban II lived with a wasting disease of the body and spirit that has been eradicated by modern medicine. After being born and raised in a graveyard by friendly ghouls and dead bodies he went to the Vatican where he was elected Pope in 1088. Eleven years later he was abducted and murdered by visitors from a distant planet. Using his diaries as reference, James Moran shines a light on Pope Urban II’s innermost thoughts through live performance, script readings and lecture from the pulpit.

Murder Town: Erin McGathy

“Blythe Lund has been found dead…next to a piñata… in the McDonald’s parking lot.” Sleepy California town Los Alamos is known for its wine-tastings, kooky antique stores, an annual Glass Blowing Festival and now: muuuurrrrddderrrrr. Sure, it’s “unfathomable” that anyone could ever lay a finger on an aspiring oncologist and ex-beauty queen, but this small-town has BIG secrets. American comedian Erin McGathy plays every suspect in this murder mystery set in California wine-country. McGathy has appeared on Drunk History (Comedy Central), Community (NBC), Harmonquest (Seeso) and is host of the relationship podcast, This Feels Terrible.

How To Be Angry: Brazen Tales Productions

You’re vexed, you’re scared, you want change. But no matter how zen you try to be, sometimes you just need to ROAR!!! Screaming and shouting is frowned upon but swallowing down that raging fire might make you sick! Witness the Brazen Ensemble tackling that most feared emotion with their trademark, twisted humour. An absurd, physical comedy exploring the battle between our animal instincts and rational minds. They’re done with the passive-aggressive bullshit, toxic keyboardtrolls and wannabe-warriors jumping on the bandwagon of outrage. So cut the crap, be brazen, get angry and join a rousing spectacle!




Leave your idea of stand-up comedy at the door. Master of surreal nonsense and bohemian clownarchist Paul Currie presents his follow up to last year’s Dublin Fringe Festival smash hit, Release the Baboons. So come get your surreal on and wipe all reason on the doormat before you crawl hands and knees inside the mind flume of Paul Currie and get fffffffmilky.

“Unique, outstandingly charismatic and utterly original.” ***** The Skinny

Foil Arms & Hog: OinK

Former children and regular eaters Foil Arms & Hog are back with the Irish premiere of their new show at Ireland’s national theatre. OinK is a fast paced sketch show featuring a collection of songs for the elderly, a baggage handler’s interpretive dance and a shop that naively sells only balaclavas. The show has yet to be reviewed but when it is, it will be “utterly spellbinding” and “a triumph”. Best known for their YouTube videos (50 million online hits), their live show is what they’re most proud of. They’ve sold-out every year at Fringe since 2012, a run that must surely end, but hopefully not this year.

“Quite simply, a sensation.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine


Talking to inanimate Objects – Foil Arms and Hog



Dear Attracta: GLAD Productions

Attracta Tension, the glorious love child of Frankie Byrne and Mailbag, descends on Dublin from the Real Capital to share her Agony Aunt correspondence with you. Running the gamut from the correct use of bath salts (“That’d skin a pig, that dose”) to managing a flaky manager in the workplace (“Concentrate on his left eye when conversing with him”), Attracta’s life lessons will leave you profoundly changed. There’ll be a piano and high stool, so she’ll be serving Ann O’Dwyer on Live at 3 realness. Just imagine.


Seven Shades: Aindrias de Staic

Seven deadly sins, a story in seven parts, Seven Shades of Shtax and a man seeking answers. Armed with a fiddle, a loop peddle and some epic stories, he tries to address his flaws. A storytelling experience with a difference by Aindrias de Staic, a man who can’t stop acting the bollox!


Saharcasm: Sahar Ali

“Your English is so good.” “Where are you REALLY from?” “Is your hair real?” You probably won’t find the answers to these questions in Saharcasm, a one woman show exploring the Irishism, Arabism and racism that provokes queries like these. Through poetry, music and comedy, Sahar Ali introduces us to a variety of caricatures which examine the multicultural world we live in. Sussing out the differences and similarities between here and “out foreign”.












Don’t Be Looking!!!: Mary Nugent

Roll/wheel/hop/crawl/dance/walk up and join Mary Nugent, Leonie McDonagh, Marion Cronin and Sarah Ryan to share an hour in a ‘wheely’ different but familiar world. A world where inappropriate questions are actually ok, general misconceptions are entertaining, inappropriate laughter is welcomed and where comical differences are right in front of you. Laugh at divisions that society has imposed on people with and without disabilities. Questioning disabilities as an adult seems to be forbidden, so come do it at Don’t Be Looking!!! Warning: May cause inappropriate laughter and light bulb moments.


Gladys and The Gutter Stars: Rachel Gleeson and Cameron Macaulay

It has been a time of soul searching for Gladys and The Gutter Stars. They have stowed themselves away for months in seclusion, working on their hotly anticipated new album. Rumours abound. Some say it will be released on floppy disk. Others, that it consists entirely of whale song. Whatever the case may be, you’re invited to a sneak preview of their work thus far. This performance marks their extremely self-assured step back into the limelight. They’re a phoenix rising from the ashes: majestic, but a bit confused about how they got here.


Alison Spittle, Worrier Princess: Alison Spittle

Alison worries. She worries about her sister’s Junior Cert, she worries about Brexit. She worries that someone will hack into her computer’s webcam, record her picking her nose and blackmail her with it. From RTÉ to TV3 and Sky Arts to Newstalk, and with a brand new TV series in the works, this is Alison’s hilarious follow up to smash-hit Dublin Fringe Festival success Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii.

“Whether character or citizen, Spittle comes across as a kind of genius.” The Irish Times

“Spectacular in a beautifully surreal way.” Irish Independent


Deadline!: Conor O’Toole

Comedian Conor O’Toole has an hour to get the paper out. He’s taken a job editing the Dublin Correspondænt and urgently needs staff. Come see the modern news cycle live, right before your eyes. A seriously interactive comedy show about the media and the process of producing news. Be part of the spin, compromise and manipulation that goes into making even a simple news sheet to a tight deadline.



TRUCKER: Shenoah Allen

This American outcast will do anything to become a legendary truck driver. In his nerdy quest to be the ultimate badass, our hero hauls everything from cattle to jet fuel and keeps on truckin’ as he becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Strap in for a surreal comedy-explosion about life, isolation, and not taking prisoners. A world premiere from multi-awardwinning cult comic Shenoah Allen (Pajama Men) known globally for his uncanny ability to switch between dozens of outrageous personalities on a whim. Directed by Caitríona McLaughlin.

“A range as wide as a pterodactyl’s wingspan.” **** The Herald Sun







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