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Cat Laughs Pick: Wild Cats

No this is not a show about Troy and High School Musicals basketball team.

The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival has set up a platform where up-and-coming comedians can showcase their talent. It focuses on comedians in particular who are preparing their show for the Edinburgh Fringe

To get in shape for the Fringe they have offered these seven comedians a chance to test out their material on the best comedy audience in the world – Kilkenny. They are also paring them with a Cat Laughs mentor who’ll open them up to ideas that will take them on a path to self discovery – or they’ll mock them from the back of the crowd.

Each of these gigs is a work-in-progress, come see how a good comedian becomes a really great one. Expect the unexpected.

The acts are:

Kiri Pritchard McLean: This will be the second show from the rising star, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, and is about her time volunteering with teenagers who live in poverty and her desire to adopt kids- and how much of a boner killer that is.

Chris Kent: Cork comedian Chris Kent presents his 5 th solo show, Moving On. Returning with his charming and surreal style, Chris has a new perspective on life. Having moved to the UK and recently becoming a dad for the first time, adult life is leaving him more confused than ever…

Alison Spittle: Ireland’s fastest rising comic brings road tests her new show for Dublin Fringe 2017 first in Kilkenny. Don’t miss it!

Sofie Hagen: She is now doing a THIRD show. The confidence of this girl is appalling. Come see her work-in-progress show. She is going to tell stories and try to make them funny. Only come if you’re a nice person .


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Steve Bennett: An experienced MC with charming energy and razor sharp with, he’s resident host of the Róisín Dubh Comedy Clubh in Galway. His upbeat Musical Comedy and existential whimsy keep audiences coming back. Recently returned from a tour of Australia, Bennett can also be found at Not Quite Mass and Hipster Bingo, his alternative comedy nights which delight and entertain crowds.

Emman Idama: Emman Idama is originally from Nigeria moving to Ireland with his family at a young age. Emman Idama has appeared on RTE in 2014 & 2015 on “The Year That’s In It” and in 2016 he was on Des Bishop’s “This is Ireland”

Joanne McNally: Her award winning show Bite Me showed at the Dublin Fringe in 2016 and will tour to the UK this year. We’re delighted to be presenting a special work-in-progress preview of Bite Me as part of this year’s Wild Cats programme.



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