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Top 10 Hilarious Movie Villains

It’s ridiculously hard to take these bad guys seriously.  For every couple of dozen serious or generic movie villains, there is one capable of making us laugh and cranks the sleaze and incompetence to new levels. These range from parodies of existing tyrants like Kim Jong Il, to burglars Harry …

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WATCH – Fr Ted Christmas Special

Excited Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon) wants to open all the dates of his Xmas advent calendar & with Father Jack (Frank Kelly) tries to guess what’s behind tomorrow’s window. You can watch the full episode here. VIDEO: Fr Ted’s Fr Stone’s ‘toilet humour’!!  

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Tipsy Chris O’Dowd Has Everyone In Stitches

A tipsy Chris O’Dowd has the panel in stitches with his long Banksy story! Adam Hills and co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker provide some offbeat commentary on the significant moments of the past seven days You can watch the full episode here: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-last-leg/on-demand/68901-002    

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Top 10 Worst Saturday Night Live Hosts

Awkward, bumbling, unprofessional and unfunny hosts of Saturday Night Live.  Here they are, the worst Saturday Night Live hosts ever! For this list, we’ll be looking at the least funny, most awkward and downright unpleasant hosts of everyone’s favourite Saturday night variety show. Our list includes the “talents” of Lindsay …

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