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Ugly Naked Guy He Wants A Friends Reunion

Every friend’s fan knows Ugly Naked Guy but no one actually knew who he was.  It was a huge fan theory for a while that Michael G. Hagerty AKA Treeger the caretaker was the mystery man. This was wrong however as the actual actor who played him has finally been …

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Who Will Win The Grammy For The Best Comedy Album

The Grammy nominations were released last week and we want to focus on comedy.  Each year the Best Comedy Album category is getting more competitive especially with all the stand up specials that are being released. A comedians stand-up special is not eligible for a Grammy but some of the specials …

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Irish Produced Film The Favourite Nominated For 5 Golden Globes

Irish produced film The Favourite has received five nominations for the Golden Globes.  From the Yorgos Lanthimo, the director of The Lobster, The Favourite is an Irish Production by Element Pictures. It has just been nominated for five Golden Globes. “It’s absolutely brilliant for the film,” Ed Guiney, the producer of The Favourite, says. …

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Billy Connolly Is Retiring From Live Comedy

Billy Connolly has announced his retirement from live comedy.  In an interviewed with the Radio times, he talked about how he has tried medicinal cannabis to treat his Parkinson’s disease and struck back at Michael Parkinson’s claim that his illness has ‘dulled’ his brain. “He thought I’d lost track, mentally, but I …

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There Is A Giant Australian Cow Called Knickers

Knickers is an Australian cow that is over 6ft 4in. This cow has just recently become an internet sensation. Knickers is technically a steer which means he is a male that has been neutered. The Holstein Friesian is believed to be the biggest in Australia weighing in at 1,400kg (3080lb) and is over 6ft 4in. These cows usually weigh …

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