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De Niro Comedy Ad

One of Ireland’s most well-known directors, Declan Lowney has just directed the legend that is Robert De Niro in a UK ad for Warburton’s bagels. The shoot took place in a secure studio in Wembley in London last December. See it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdMpVZ42RLk Declan trained as a producer/director with Irish …

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The Difference Between Catholics and Protestants

In the latest episode of Derry Girls, Father Peter sets out on an ill-fated attempt to bond the Catholic and Protestant schools. While some protestants got very upset because they like Abba, Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee cleared things up in the tweet below. People were attempting to pause the …

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Secondary School You VS Adult You

Comparing adult you to Secondary school you can be pretty insightful People are using #HighSchoolMeVsAdultMe to share how things change over the years. Back when all you wanted was to be invited to a cool party. Now you are just trying your best to come up with a valid excuse …

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Tommy Tiernan reported to police after Belfast Gig

Tommy Tiernan was reported to police over political jokes during Belfast comedy show. Lat Sunday night comedian Tommy Tiernan performed his new stand-up show, Paddy Crazy Horse, at Belfast’s Ulster Hall. It is not clear what the jokes were but we know they were political. DUP councillor Dale Pankhurt tweeted …

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Do People Actually Drink Milk With Coke?

A conversation between colleagues has snowballed, and now hundreds of people are left wondering whether “milk Coke” really is a thing. He’s not the only one either. Thousands of people on Twitter have agreed with James and admitted they enjoy drinking coke with milk. He even got his sister to …

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Can you describe the 80s with just five words?

The 1980s were amazing but can you describe the entire decade with only five words? Courtesy of @BratPackTags on @HashtagRoundup people on Twitter used the hashtag #The80sIn5Word, to sum up, the 80s in just 5 words. Ranging from fashion to music and movies the answers are brilliant. While we might …

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