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Throwback Viral: Kassie Kicks Monsters Ass

 Here at Grintage we thought what about some ‘nostalgia’! This new series ‘No.1 Viral’ will look back on some of the most hilarious videos that went viral. At the time these were published, people were constantly quoting them – and you couldn’t escape the remixes. If you hadn’t seen the video everyone was …

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Burger King Tries To Trick Customers & Fails

If you watch the ad above you might not get it straight away. The video description is ‘The WHOPPER® sandwich has so many freshly prepared, delicious ingredients that we can’t list them all in just :15. Turn up the volume before playing.’ So if you were watching this on your …

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Reese Witherspoon Is Irish & Matches The Stereotypes

Reese just got the results of a genetic test back, and now she thinks she might be related to Conan. https://twitter.com/RWitherspoon/status/844354065274322944 “I called your producer on the way here in the car because I was every excited. “I did one of those genetic testing things and I found out that …

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Man VS Retired Racehorse!

Nick Bull decided to take his horse out for a quiet horse in the countryside, however Shamrock the retired race horse had other ideas. By the looks of it his desperate attempts at trying to get Shamrock to slow down only encouraged him further. Nick Bull says: “Shamrock is a …

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3 year old stuck in a vending machine.

Three-year-old Jamie Bracken-Murphy did what every child wondered about.  When his parents took his eyes of him for a moment Jamie went for and and tested to see could he fit into a gaming machine at his home town in Nenagh. His Dad said: “I told him to be calm and …

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AUDIO – Comedy Alternative to Spotify

Finally there is an APP for that! US Comedy has finally joined the online world with an app tailored specifically for streaming the best comedy content out there.  Stand-up comedian David Scott has just launched his new app Laugh.ly. He has combined the on-demand capabilities of Spotify with the neglected listening …

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