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Living with your parents – The 2 Johnnies

“JOHN! JOHN!Get UP out of that bed, the smell of drink in here!!” “Mam..will you get out!! I’m dying!! I had about forty Jaegerbombs last night and the last thing I need right now is you in here on a Sunday morning!!” Facebook.com/the2johnnies Snapchat: JohnnybTippman & JohnnySmacks

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The 2 Johnnies New Music Video: Shift

The worst advice from 2 dodgy lads Download it here : https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/shift/1347401914?i=1347402529 Number 1. Thanks everyone . Big love. #ValentinesDay2018 pic.twitter.com/Swj3LtLDRV — Johnny B Tipp Man (@JohnnyBtipp) February 13, 2018   Facebook.com/the2johnnies instagram: the2johnnies Snapchat: johnnybtippman & johnysmacks

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Pulling a Sickie with your Mam & Dad

Do you remember the joy when you were allowed to stay home from school when ‘sick’.  This means no homework, cartoons and The Den all day and staying in your pjs all day. There was always one detail we’d dread – the parents stay at home too. Depending if you’re home …

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GAA VIDEO – The Tipperary Rap 2016

The 2 Johnnies are a comedy duo from Tipperary and look forward to their hurling team lifting the Liam McCarthy Cup in September.   They were on Tipp FM radio during the week for the exclusive first airing of  the Official Tipperary hurling song “The Premier Rap 2016”. Have a …

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