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WATCH: Christmas Dinner with TV Show ‘Bottom’

Watch the hilarious comedy antics from Richie and Eddie in BBC show ‘Bottom’ as they invite guests to celebrate Christmas and dine with them. In this slapstick world, what could possibly go wrong… Sadly Rik Mayall (Richie) died of a heart attack in 2014 and his long partner in comedy Adrian …

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The Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S Bloopers

Having that Monday feeling with the weekend so far in sight? Let our six favourite friends brighten up your day. It is up there in most peoples top shows and we quote it on a daily basis! Even their bloopers are hilarious and makes us love the show even more.

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GIG NEWS: The Nualas Are All Spanxed Up!

Irish comedy trio The Nualas perform at one of the Ireland’s most famous music venues in January. The 3 superstars are live at the Abbey Tavern Howth on Dublin’s north coast on Saturday 28th January 2017. Make a dates as ‘the sequins are out, the hurty car to bar shoes are on, …

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Michael Jackson Comedy Not Going Ahead!

You may have seen the pictures of a pretty scary Michael Jackson impersonation floating around the internet the last week. This was a screen grab from new British comedy Urban Myths. The Sky Arts short dramatises the stories we’ve heart about various celebrities. One episode in particular has caused outrage …

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25 impersonations in 2.5 Minutes!

Jay Cagatay raced through 25 Impressions In 2.5 Minutes managing to breeze through the likes of Shaggy, Seth Rogen and Russell Brand to name a few! The Stuntbear description for the Oct. 17 post reads, “A celebrity impressions video without the usual impersonation culprits such as  Sean Connery, Sly Stallone …

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