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Podcast: Ha Ha Land

HaHa Land is hosted by satirist Paddy Cullivan (Late Late Show band / Camembert Quartet) with a star trio who feature music in their live shows – welcome Fred Cooke (Tommy Tiernan TV Show), Tara Flynn (actress, vlogger and Ex Nuala) & Paul Woodful (AKA Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly). From …

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Tommy Tiernan & the Suicide Bomber

Whoever said ‘the best comedy is based on truth’? This is from Ireland’s finest stand up comedian and certainly way out there as a subject for comedy Is there a line that comedy can’t and shouldn’t cross? We in grintage are split on this particular one. Leave it to you …

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Comedy Web Series: Tween Fest

We all love to binge on the next big comedy series or re-watch a classic show like The Office but there is also some brilliant short form online comedy out there. A good web series can be a breath of fresh air that doesn’t take much commitment with bite sized episodes. …

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Satire about the Trump, Kushner and The Muslim Ban

Comedy Central satire ‘Mideast Minute‘ tackles everything from immigration to Jared Kushner. Mideast Minute is written by and stars Pardis Parker. It originally started as a web series in 2007. Parker states: The original idea was to do a fake news show that tried to convince Middle Easterners that everything …

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NEWS: RTE Radio 1’s Irish Satire Special

This Bank Holiday Monday (August 1st) Comedy Showhouse presents … CULLIVAN’S TRAVELS – A Journey Through Irish Satire – on RTE Radio 1 at 1.30pm after the news.  In this entertaining journey through Irish TV and radio satire Paddy is joined by writer / actress TARA FLYNN, blogger / writer JOHN MOYNES, comedian JOHN COLLEARY (Pictorial Weekly) & finally …

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