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WATCH: The Sarcasm Detection Squad

Two Detectives Bryan and Max are trying to break a case, Interviewing the most sarcastic lady ever!! They verbally battle it out with the female suspect to gain answers to help solve the murder case. With all the sarcasm flying around the room its really not making life easy for the …

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WATCH: Shifts – Bank Robbery

It would appear Irish sketch group Shifts have fallen on hard times! Watch here their latest video as they debate amongst themselves whether to rob a bank OR have an ole jump about in the local Jump Zone! Tough decisions for the lads that’s for sure! Here’s a classic Grintage Original featuring Shifts in ‘Love …

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Watch: Irish Garda on Strike

Last week the Irish police force (The Gardaí) planned to go on strike over wage demands! But it was averted the day before after they accepted an extra payment. Grintage was lucky enough to obtain footage of the Gardaí on strike protesting against pay cuts! Ok there was  a little …

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COMEDY ZONE: Key & Peele’s ‘Fake Aliens’

Starring US duo Key & Peele, Comedy Zone returns with another intense absurd drama. This time the world has been over run with aliens, bent on taking over the planet and destroying all humans.   Their task is simple – survive an all out out alien invasion and all will be OK. Pretty …

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WATCH: Drug Dealer in a Toilet

This new sketch takes us into a drug bust scenario in the mens toilets. We’ve all been there right? Most people already know its not wise to trust a drug dealer never mind one dealing out of a toilet stall … but just maybe this cop is part of the ‘Special” …

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