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Soccer Mad? Monty Python Style

With all the various leagues and cups around the world hotting up who else can bring utter nonsense to the soccer pitch but those comedy kings Monty Python.  Here the Germans take on the Greeks in a totally bizarre cup final. Starring in the sketch are Archimedes (John Cleese), Socrates (Eric Idle), …

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Monty Python’s Good Friday Sing-Song

We know you’re all preparing for a day of deep prayer and flogging yourselves in penance on this Good Friday. NB If you are … look away now …. Maybe tear yourself away from the Stations of the Cross for a few minutes and have a look at Monty Python’s classic …

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WATCH – Religion Monty Python style

Comedy trailblazers Monty Python summed up organised and traditional Religion so well in this clip from their masterpiece Life of Brian.  Who of you follows the shoe?  Is that the messiah himself Spike Milligan at the very end? Credit – Life of Brian 

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The Best Comedy Sketch Of All Time?

Monty Python – Four Yorkshiremen This infamous sketch was written by Tim Brooke-Taylor; John Cleese; Graham Chapman; and Marty Feldman. It originally performed in 1967 on their pre-Python TV series At Last the 1948 Show. It was then used for various Python live shows. In case you have trouble understanding it …

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WATCH: Classic Monty Python one liner

Hear Monty Python’s Graham Chapman’s fantastic one-liner response to a German guard outside a closed concentration camp Dachau in Germany. Here re-told by fellow Python Eric Idle from the legendary comedy group’s Live in Aspen show from 1998.

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VIDEO – A Star Filled Python Xmas

Monty Python’s Eric Idle is to feature alongside Professor Brian Cox in a BBC2 Christmas comedy special. Idle and the team responsible for musical Spamalot are responsible for The Entire Universe, an hour-long show about the birth of the universe with a larger-than-life cast of characters. In a throwback to Idle’s …

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