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Steve Harvey Loses It On Ellen

Ellen and her funny friend Steve Harvey spent some time talking to kids about beauty. Everyone learned something new, even Ani. Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey sat down with a few kids and asked them question about what they thought beauty was. What is beauty? What makes someone beautiful?  One girl …

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WATCH: Irish Kids FAIL

We normally don’t even go there …. but when the kids are Irish we plead forgiveness!! Boy gets hit by trolley a christmas Girl singing Frozen get mad (time for a re-release!) Kids fall – Irish cream truck

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Surely most have received numerous strange, bizarre and often times just plain dumb messages from our parents. To some it’s a minor inconvenience – to others it’s infuriating.  Watch below as parents text their kids often times concerned at to there whereabouts but quickly the message falls into comedic confusion! You …

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