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George Carlin Week: Religion is Bullshit!

 We are true blood comedy fans and happy that one of the most viewed videos from the Grintage archive is this classic clip from one our favorite comedians ever. Often the best comedy lies in the truth! Have a watch (leave yourself some time to enjoy the 10 minute clip) and admire George’s brilliant style of delivery and …

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George Carlin Week: Airports & Flying

All week we have been celebrating the life of one of the best comedians ever, George Carlin.      For those of you who forgot your headphones, are hard of hearing or would just rather read, here is the the set below: Something else we have in common: flying on …

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George Carlin Week: On Being Irish

George Carlin died on June 22, 2008.  Please welcome on the stage the one and only Mr. George Denis Patrick Carlin.  And you’ve guessed it from his middle names – the man was born into a Catholic Irish family in New York. To celebrate his life all this week we are hosting ‘George Carlin …

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