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Gordon Ramsay Spills His Guts

James and Gordon Ramsay take turns asking each other very difficult questions to answer, leaving the other with a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever disgusting food is before them, including salmon ice cream and bull penis.

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Ever Eat Out With Really Rich Friends?

You know the very odd time you ase caught in an OTT dining experience that you can’t get out of? At least Grant here owns up that he can only afford bread and water!! The sketch is a big production and features the old reliable cast of ‘comedy’ cartoon characters with …

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Gordon Ramsay is a Twitter Troll

Do you know what Gordon Ramsay likes to do in his spare time? He likes to tell people that their cooking is crap on twitter! For the last few months the chef has taken to critiquing his twitter followers food. And he doesn’t hold back. It’s a unique way of …

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If Every Famous Diet Idea Was Honest

Before you try to fast track that weight loss resolution you might want to watch this video now!! We salute you for wanting to better yourself from a physical stand point but this video is for pure entertainment purposes and defiantly not a Mr motivator tool. Credit – Cracked

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