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Vintage: Hedge Sketch

Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry do “the hedge sketch”. This is a simple yet brilliant sketch. The whole performance works when they get the first act wrong and start again. It breaks the fourth wall and the audience are in on it. As the sketch progresses the panic and pace …

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WATCH: Home Alone 1 – Bloopers

A Christmas isn’t complete unless Home Alone 1 0r 2 (but not 3!) comes on the TV screen at some point over the holiday season! Lucky for you Grintage has a rare blooper of Macaulay Culkin and Co stumbling not only on the words but their surroundings too! Credit – Funny Movie …

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Classic Comedy: From Noon Till Three

Sometimes Grintage likes to dig up some classic comedy either from our vast archive vault or just post material that deserves the spotlight – decades later in this case! After all we couldn’t have spelt Grintage without a little Vintage! This 1975 classic starts off with bank robber Graham Dorsey (Charles …

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