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Jason Byrne on marriage …

JASON BYRNE is storming it at present as a judge on TV3’s Ireland’s Got Talent .. and no better man for working hard to get to the top.  Here is the brilliant Dublin born comedian live a few years ago at one of the packed Liffey Laugh RTE Two TV …

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Living with your parents – The 2 Johnnies

“JOHN! JOHN!Get UP out of that bed, the smell of drink in here!!” “Mam..will you get out!! I’m dying!! I had about forty Jaegerbombs last night and the last thing I need right now is you in here on a Sunday morning!!” Facebook.com/the2johnnies Snapchat: JohnnybTippman & JohnnySmacks

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How they REALLY predict the Weather

Ever wonder how they predict the weather? It’s not difficult and there’s much less science involved than you might think. The key is to be as vague as possible, that way you can’t be wrong. Use words like; Occasional, Random, Patchy, Mixed and Varied to make sure you haven’t overcommitted …

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