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No.1 WATCH: Save a child …. or else

You know those ‘street charity muggers’ who ask you to donate for a really good cause? …. Maybe next time you’ll stop and save the child! Thanks to Emmet O Riabhaigh, Patrick Sheahan and Daniel Coughlan from The Derrynane Robot Club for CHARITY MAN.  NO.1 WATCH is a series though the …

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WATCH: All the Boys on the FAS Course & The Dole

Have a look at the best ever song about benefits and being unemployed in Ireland! TPM are two brothers from Drogheda Co. Louth on the east coast of Ireland. 22 year old unemployed Charles Hendy and his bro engineering student Andrew (aged 20),  hit Youtube after been filmed busking on West …

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FAIL – America’s July 4th

Happy July 4th to the many US friends and fans in the USA! Like St Patrick’s Day in Ireland (and for the Irish worldwide), our good American friends would never ignore July 4th and, no where they are around the globe, their independence from British rule is celebrated.  FYI – On July …

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Hitler’s reaction to Brexit

Clever & funny re-use of a key scene in the movie DOWNFALL …. when Hitler discovers the UK has voted for Brexit! and in case you want to jump into the present, last week’s American satirist and TV host Samantha Bee’s FULL FRONTAL took on the Brexit and was spot on …

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Texas or Kerry? Would you swap your accent?

The weird but true story of a Texas woman who woke up from surgery with a British accent has been all over the news this week. After having surgery to fix an ‘overbite’ jaw problem Lisa has been diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome.  The news story reminded us of this …

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Celebrate Canada Day with a Laugh!

July 1st is Canada Day so lets mark the occasion by watching Irish people examine the Canadians …… and vice versa! Hope your name’s not Shove-awn! … and we wonder how all our Irish expats our coping over there! Warning: Any Canadians trying to watch this lad might struggle.  

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