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24 frames of comedy per second

VIDEO – Charlie the Unicorn is back!

When YouTube became popular around 2007 /2008  the same videos were circulated around the same circles. These included Charlie Bit My Finger, Harry Potter Puppet Pals, Leave Britney Alone and  of course, Charlie the Unicorn. The potentil for using the video platform to raise profiles and often boost careers was vast. The flash …

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VIDEO: What if Google was a Guy?

Have you ever wondered what if Google was male? The everyday guy in an ordinary office?  No not us either …. but the guys and gals at College Humour decided to make just that video. You just walk into his office and say what you want to search no matter …

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VIDEO: If You Competed in the Olympics!

Olympian’s are super athletes the cream of the crop in their respected athletic division, But do people really realise just how impressive they really are.  What better way to understand their greatness than by viewing the alternative — average Americans doing average, everyday things? College Humor shows us why the world …

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