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24 frames of comedy per second

Musicians Read Mean Tweets

From time to time we shine a light on some of the harsh words posted on social media about famous people. Tonight we turn our focus to musicians and bands in our fourth all-music edition of #MeanTweets featuring Nick Jonas, Usher, Pink, Alice Cooper, The Lumineers, Common, Blink-182, Steve Aoki, …

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Living with your parents – The 2 Johnnies

“JOHN! JOHN!Get UP out of that bed, the smell of drink in here!!” “Mam..will you get out!! I’m dying!! I had about forty Jaegerbombs last night and the last thing I need right now is you in here on a Sunday morning!!” Facebook.com/the2johnnies Snapchat: JohnnybTippman & JohnnySmacks

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Amy Poehler Breaking Character on Parks and Recreation

Here are 25 minutes of Amy Poehler breaking her character on Parks and Recreation. This will be the best 25 minutes of your life. Comic genius Amy Poehler produces the mokumentary and plays the lead character Leslie Knope. She is the Deputy Director of the Parks Department and takes her job way too seriously dragging …

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Stereo-Types (Live) 2017: Foil Arms and Hog

Sometimes Puns are the answer. The International Stereo store is having a flash sale. Stocked with different Stereo-Types from all over the world everything must go. The Russian Boom Box with it’s several inPutins could be what you’re after, or maybe the English Radio… although it gets a pretty poor …

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