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24 frames of comedy per second

China’s Biggest Comedy Ever

On October 12th Never Say Die was released in China and it changed everything. Before this Jackie Chan held the title for the highest grossing comedy ever in the are with Kung Fu Yoga which received over $250 million. However, Never Say Die has completely taken over. It was first …

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Cork Comedy Sketch Group Have New RTÉ 2 Show

CCCahoots have just released the trailer for the three-part Comedy series coming to RTÉ 2 this December. CCCahoots are an Irish TV and film production company specialising in comedy, whose work prioritises warm natural performances; a cinematic, often colourful look; and most importantly, widespread ‘soundness’ on set!   ’The School’ …

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Trump Sings New Rules by Dua Lipa

Maestro Ziko is the master of making celebrities sing basically whatever song he wants.  This time he’s managed to create a video of Donald Trump singing Dua Lipa’s hit song ‘New Rules’ This man must have the patience of a saint to go through all that footage of Trump.   Follow him on: http://Facebook.com/MaZiikos …

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Do you carry a condom on you?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, incidents of sexually transmitted diseases, have reached a record high in the United States. This made Jimmy wonder if people still carried condoms in their wallets. So we went out to Hollywood Blvd. and asked people ‘Are you carrying a condom on you?’ …

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‘Well my friends said I was really good’

Each year thousands of poor unsuspecting victims are thrust into the reality talentless pool showreel for cheap laughs at the start of Britains got talent, X-Factor etc. They always protest that family and friends told them to go for it. Why? Video by Fupin Eejits. Subscribe: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqPCmzf-mfYId3ePFNIaIPA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FupinEejits/

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