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24 frames of comedy per second

Dressing Gown The Music Video

Do you call it a dressing gown or a house coat? Woke up in the morning, took my dressing gown off the hook When it comes to fashion, I’m an icon, I’m a symbol And you know that I write the rule book I’m a success on Tinder, two matches …

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Treat Nazis Like You Treat Women

Jena thinks that if we treat Nazis like we treat women, at the very least, they will never become president. “If you’re around a woman and she makes you nervous, just picture her clothed.” Jena Friedman performed this stand up on CONAN.  

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Top 10 Hilarious Jim Carrey Moments

He’s known as Rubberface, and if you’ve ever seen any of his films you know exactly why. Jim Carrey is known for his physical comedy skills, whether he’s playing a man who has to tell the truth, a comic book villain, a pet detective or a nobody who finds a …

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