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24 frames of comedy per second

Animation – Pokemon Capture, Poor Pikachu!

In this unique Pokemon animation watch as the self titled cap wearing ‘idiot’ tries to capture the most famous Pokemon of em all ‘Pikachu’ . But Pikachu wont be caught and sealed in a Pokeball that easily or will he?! Here at Grintage we hope all potential and existing Pokemon owners …

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VIDEO: Is Jonah Hill going to boost sales?

Watch this Superbad performance from Jonah Hill  – he is the spokesperson for Palace and Reebok’s new collaboration. Whether he’s chatting up the Palace skateboard store in London with gems like “Hello, skateboard friend” or touting the shop’s sneaker collaboration with “Ree-boke,” Hill looks hilariously lame. The Q for you dear ‘consumer’ …

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From Star Trek to Country Music?

CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NEWS TODAY … TV & Film star – plus Shakespearean theatre actor – PATRICK STEWART has just appeared in a bewildering YouTube video performing classic country songs dressed head-to-toe in cowboy attire. This is something Irish comedians are expected to do!! In a Twitter announcement the so-called premier London cowboy singer – …

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BBC3 launch new Top 10 Comedy series

BBC Three has launched a new online web series Top Ten starring 20 new screen talents and if you’re looking for Irish talent – North or South – there isn’t one. In each of the 20 episodes, the selected comedians list their personal ‘Top Tens’ on a subject of their choosing. …

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