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Will Brendan O’Carroll Kill Mrs Brown ?

Brendan O’Carroll has found a way to keep Mrs Brown exactly as he likes her.  The most popular show on British TV is written and performed by award winning  Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll and his family troupe of actors.  Mrs Browns boys first appeared on our screens in 2011 and …

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The Roast Of Bruce Willis This Summer

It’s been two years since Comedy Central has held a roast but now there a back! Comedy Central released the below teaser that basically only tells us that it will be a roast of Bruce Willis. It says it will be this Summer but going by when their previous ones …

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Idris Elba To Star In Netflix Comedy

Idris Elba and created and will star in Netflix comedy series Turn Up Charlie. This will be a lighter role compared his previous work in Luther and the Marvel franchise. Idris will play longtime bachelor and struggling DJ called Charlie who receives one last shot at finding success. Doing this involves …

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A Comedy About Gay Senior Citizens Is On The Way

Silver Foxes is a comedy in works from broadcasting company Super Deluxe.  Super Deluxe is developing the comedy about “two older gay men and one twink (their buddy’s young lover) that rescue a friend who’s been forced-back-in-the-closet at his homophobic assisted living facility. After they bring him back to their …

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Queer Eye Season Two Confirmed

Netflix has already announced season two of Queer Eye.  It was only back in February that Netflix released their reboot of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, now just called Queer Eye. The show has been an absolute hit. It’s that something ‘light’ that everyone is looking for. It’s heartwarming, …

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Santa Clarita Diet | Season 2 Official Trailer

No family is perfect. In Santa Clarita Diet Drew Barrymore plays suburban realtor Shiela who somehow turns into a zombie/undead/ flesh-eating creature… and loves it. It’s definitely something different that will stand out from the rest. It has a quirky style with a strange yet brilliant mix of horror and comedy. It’s not …

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