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Movie Picks

New Comedy On Netflix

After a long weekend last week full of drinking and Easter Egg hunts you may just want to put the feet up and relax for this one.  Take time some time to sit back and enjoy some comedy on the telly. We’ve compiled a list of new comedy that has just …

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Worst Comedy Movies of 2000s

Are you ever in the mood to just sit back and watch a crap movie? Well here is some of the worst comedy movies of 2000s and where you can watch them.  Some of these you may never heard of and there’s a reason why. [playbuzz-item url=”//www.playbuzz.com/annamueda10/worst-comedy-movies-of-2000s”]

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Classic Comedy: A Fish Called Wanda

This film is one of the best demonstrations of classic British comedy.  It’s hard to beat last weeks movie pick which was The Princess Bride, so we won’t try. But if you are looking for a classic comedy A Fish Called Wanda is up there on the list. Produced in …

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Classic Comedy: The Princess Bride

Here at Grintage we try and keep you updated with current comedy movie news, casting, trailers and releases. However with all these movie updates it usually requires having to wait for a movie to be released or the effort of going to the cinema (also money). So why not throw …

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WATCH: Top 10 Comedy Movies of 2016

It was only a matter of time before the Top lists of the year past 2016 would start surfacing, one that we at Grintage of course took most notice of was the comedy section of course! Watch YouTube channel YesAwesomeYes  break down there list of the ‘Top 10 Comedy Movies of 2016′ …

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