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Netflix: Master of None Season 2

The highly anticipated Master Of None season 2 is coming to Netflix May 12.  The first series of the comedy series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang was released in 2015 and has had huge success since with even a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It is loosely based on Ansari’s real-life experiences. …

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Netflix: Dear White People Backlash

“WARNING! This series is meant for both white and black audiences – and every other colour imaginable.” This is a TV adaption of the 2014 acclaimed indie film. This series satirizes “post-racial” America as students of colour navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college. It will be 10 episodes long. This …

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New Comedy On Netflix

After a long weekend last week full of drinking and Easter Egg hunts you may just want to put the feet up and relax for this one.  Take time some time to sit back and enjoy some comedy on the telly. We’ve compiled a list of new comedy that has just …

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Pregnant or Fat? A New TV Show…

Yes we are serious, this happened.  Ok, we know at this stage in the tv business it is hard to come up with new and original TV shows. We have seen some shows that we can’t believe made it out of the original brain storm meeting. The likes of ‘Sex …

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Mr Bean Is Back! 豆先生回来了

The funny man is back ….. but only if you live in China! It was over 10 years ago when Mr Bean’s Holiday was released and it made an impressive £2.4million in China. To celebrate this – and obviously to exploit the huge market – the producers of Rowan Atkinson’s timeless …

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Worst Comedy Movies of 2000s

Are you ever in the mood to just sit back and watch a crap movie? Well here is some of the worst comedy movies of 2000s and where you can watch them.  Some of these you may never heard of and there’s a reason why. [playbuzz-item url=”//www.playbuzz.com/annamueda10/worst-comedy-movies-of-2000s”]

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