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Which ’90s Rom-Com Are You?

Valentines is just around the corner and you’re trying to convince your other half to have a cozy night in with you. You have the chocolate, blankets and bottle of wine at the ready but can’t agree on a film. Then try this quiz and let it make the decision …

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DRINKING GAME – Have a very Merry Xmas?

It’s Christmas which means we should all be sitting around as a family bonding and playing board games.  However a lot of board games result in fights and someone storming off not making it a very happy Christmas. Why not take a new approach and ditch the board games for …

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QUIZ: What Ugly Holiday Jumper Are You?

It’s that time of the year to find a badly knitted over-the-top Christmas jumper to end all Christmas jumpers! If you want to find out what jumper will turn heads over the festive season you have came to the right place! Get scrolling – which jumper are you? [playbuzz-item url=”//www.playbuzz.com/nedbullock10/what-ugly-holiday-sweater-are-you”]

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Remember These Christmas Cartoons?

It’s December already!! And to spark that Xmas ‘festive buzz’ we thought let’s remind ourselves of the classic Christmas cartoons we grew up with …   For some It’s seeing the Coca Cola Truck for others it’s Home Alone or Back to the Future on TV but who can forget The Year …

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Which Big Bang Theory Geek are you?

After 10 seasons of the global sitcom smash The Big Bang Theory can you figure out which member you are most like? Complete the quiz below to find out if you are a Sheldon, Leonard, Raj or Howard. [playbuzz-item url=”//www.playbuzz.com/shayc/which-big-bang-theory-geek-are-you”]

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