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Academics encourages to do stand-up comedy

Dr Jessamyn Fairfield, a NUI Galway nanoscience physicist has been honoured with the Mary Somerville Medal from the Institute of Physics. Dr Fairfield has been awarded the medal for her, “stellar work as a public speaker and writer on physics for a popular audience, and for having organised and hosted many innovative …

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Why Rory Cowan left Mrs Brown’s Boys

Rory Cowan chats about why he left Mrs Brown’s Boys and if he will ever go back. Last week the actor announced that he was he was leaving the show after 26 years but stressed it has nothing to do with Brendan O’Carrol the shows creator. The 58 year old has been a …

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Kickstarter For A “Ren & Stimpy” Documentary

Nickelodeon’s experimentally-animated The Ren & Stimpy Show may be coming back.  If you are a child of the 90’s you more than likely remember this show. If you were a fan of the cartoon then we have good news for you. There is a new documentary on the way exploring the strange …

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Tara Flynn to Voice ‘Blind Date’

Comedian & Actor Tara Flynn is set to voice TV3’s newest dating show, Blind Date.  Tara Flynn will join fellow comedian Al Porter who is to host the show. Flynn will be recapping on the singletons and what they said as the narrator of the show. She was a founding-member …

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How Louis CK Makes Everything Funny

Louis CK is one of the most respected comedians in the world. And part of it is because he seems so effortlessly funny. There’s no big action like Jim Carrey or Robin Williams, no elaborately clever set ups, just simple truths that make audiences crack up But it’s not that …

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200 Years Since The Death of Jane Austen

Jane Austen, British romantic novelist died on the 18th July 1817. One of the most widely read writers in English literature. She helped set the character of the modern novel. Her books include Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Things Jane Austen Characters Do That Would Be Weird If You Did …

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