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Middle Class Jeremy Kyle

Middle Class Jeremy Kyle meets a TV Presenter who claims his rival is stealing viewers from his show. Walliams, posing as a “middle-class Jeremy Kyle”, accuses the real daytime host of stealing all of Dom Littlewood’s viewers from BBC1’s Caught Red Handed.

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Kilkenny Cat Laughs Line-Up Announced

The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival runs from June 1st to 5th. The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival is back, bigger and better than ever, with more acts than you can shake a tickling stick at! Check out the full programme of comedy stand-up, music, podcasts and theatre, which takes place …

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Reese Witherspoon Is Irish & Matches The Stereotypes

Reese just got the results of a genetic test back, and now she thinks she might be related to Conan. https://twitter.com/RWitherspoon/status/844354065274322944 “I called your producer on the way here in the car because I was every excited. “I did one of those genetic testing things and I found out that …

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Man VS Retired Racehorse!

Nick Bull decided to take his horse out for a quiet horse in the countryside, however Shamrock the retired race horse had other ideas. By the looks of it his desperate attempts at trying to get Shamrock to slow down only encouraged him further. Nick Bull says: “Shamrock is a …

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Irish Mammy Watches Porn With Her Son

This has to be one of the worst punishments of all time.  Darragh, from Carpenterstown, Dublin, called up Today FM and had a chat with Dermot and Dave and er can’t believe our ears. When Darragh was a teenager his Mammy found his secret porno stash and she came up with a …

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What If Your Dog Could Text?

I bet any dog owner out there has wished at least once that they could understand what their dog is barking about or thinking. We can’t help you with that but here are some examples of what your dog might text you if it were possible.         …

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