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Updates and analysis on the world of comedy

100 Years Since Dean Martin Was Born

On 17 Jun 1917 Dean Martin, The King of Cool, was born. He was a popular American stage, film and television singer, actor and comedian. He was also a member of the Rat Pack. Dean Martin was known for his seemingly effortless charisma and performances. Well known for his comedy partnership with …

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The GIF Is Over Thirty Years Old!

What was the first ever GIF? How is it pronounced and what are the most popular? On June 15, 1987 the GIF was created by CompuServe developers as a way to compress images with minimal data loss. It stands for Graphical Interchange Format. Now thats the boring facts over with.. The GIF has …

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Oh My God What A Complete Aisling The Novel

This could be the Irish comedy book of the year! You may have heard of the very popular Facebook page Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling. This is a page that consists mostly of the culchie folk in Ireland. It started off the phrase ‘what a complete Aisling’ and is where …

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Comedy Reactions To James Comey’s Testimony

Here is some of the best bits from late-night talk shows after the Comey testimony.   The Daily Show – Trevor Noah “I mean, today’s hearing was cool and everything,” Trevor Noah said “but basically, it was like listening to a clean version of a hip-hop song. It felt like we …

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Katherine Lynch wants Leo Varadkar in The George

Katherine Lynch says ‘HE CAN BE TRUSTED’. The comedian and Dancing With the Stars finalist has given her full support to Leo as Ireland’s first openly gay leader. Throughout her career Katherine Lynch has become a gay icon as she performs a lot in LGBT venues. However she has stated that …

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