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Billy Connolly on Safety Regulations & waiting for Selfies!

One of the world’s greatest comics Billy Connolly is back with his ‘High Horse Tour’ at the ripe ole age of 72 And the Scot is loving life in his unique poetic way!

Connolly is one of the all time greats and without him, modern stand up comedy would look very different indeed. Even at the age of 72, the legendary Scot has a wild, manic energy, and is still as sharp as ever! Currently on a UK tour Billy appears live around Ireland in February 2017. One Xmas pressie sorted?

But if you’re lucky enough to catch Billy walking down the street one day or randomly in a local pub or garden centre and want to capture that memorable moment to share on social media, just be warned! … or The Big Yin might not seem such a fun person after all…

Billy Connolly – High Horse Tour Live: 

Billy Connolly High Horse Tour is available on Amazon Now click HERE to view.

Credit – Universal Comedy



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