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WATCH: Things you don’t know about Dublin

Sit back and relax as your stereo typical travel show ‘American’ Kirk McGuirk takes us on a interesting journey through Dublin city centre! 

Watch as the host travels through the capital city allowing the viewer a glimpse at his unique insight of what can not only be seen and eaten in the fair city but the apparent free transportation system refereed to by Mr McGuirk as the “LOO-ASS” being free before 5pm as the inspectors starts then. Strangely the transportation system resembles the Luas that is unfortunately for most commuters very much a paid service!

Keep an Eye out for Kirk McGuirk’s new travel show exclusively on free view satellite dishes on Public access channel 817 Sunday nights from 05:00 / 05:15am!

Credit – Comedy Shenanigans & Noel Aungier



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